BuJo and Microsoft 2021

I get asked a lot about what organization system I use. I’m asked because everyone knows I’ve tried so many of them. Like all of them. I’m a constant “starter” of things. Who can relate?

I’ve found the best organization system is whatever one I’ll actually put to use. I started a few months back with a modified bullet journal system (any #BuJo fans out there?)

I use a blended electronic and paper system pulling together #BuJo#microsoftoutlook#microsofttodo and the new #microsoftteams task functionality. I can’t go full electronic because I love the feel of pen and paper, the ability to review my process disconnected. (I also learn by writing things down.) I will share the combining quick steps in Microsoft Outlook with shortcut keys is making managing my inbox and task list considerably more efficient. For 56 days straight I’ve ended the day with an empty inbox, emails I need to take action on properly sorted, and tasks successfully in progress or completed!

Is it the best? Well, for me it is. It’s been 8 weeks and I’m still using my daily and weekly routines, improving them everyday! (Growth mindset, constant improvement) I’m looking forward to starting the new year with stated goals (intention) and ways to measure success (tracking).

Whatever 2021 brings you and whatever new productivity hack you try next, I hope it brings you joy and improves your process.

Happy New Year, everyone. If you have a favorite productivity tool or hack, leave a comment. I’m always learning!

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