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September 2018


Breckenridge to Maroon Bells 2018

Map Breck to Maroon Bells

Breckenridge Colorado day trip.

We took this trip in 2017 with our mothers.  Headed back today in 2018, seeing the sights along the way.

2020 Trip

Independence Pass

Man this drive is beautiful.  There are a few places you might get nervous.  Most humans would get nervous.  The drop-offs are outstanding.  These places are short.  And if you take it slow, you’ll be ok.  (But it is nerve-racking for many, many people.)

You’ll also go by the Continental Divide.  Checkout the link:

Our 2017 photo:

Our 2018 photo:

Vail 520 Grill

Lunch in Vail is always nice.  We checked out 520 Grill.  This is a simple burger joint.  And well worth it.  I highly recommend this place.  And the service was outstanding.  Friendly and quick.

Maroon Bells

We made this trip last year as well.  Different than last year, we caught a bus outside Aspen.  From June 9 to October 8, between 8am and 5pm, only these buses are allowed into Maroon Bells.  (Visit the link above and there should be information on when you take a bus and when you can drive in.)

Can’t say enough about Maroon Bells.  It’s beautiful and there are easy walking options (kid friendly).  You can opt for one of the hikes.  We did.  But be warned, on this day, Crater Lake water level is very, very low.  The hike says 1.4 miles, and if you’re a novice, you’ll find it a bit challenging.  If you make time to stop and rest along the way, you’ll be fine.  (From a novice POV, you’d want to give 3 hours roundtrip to do this.)

Andy’s advice, if you’re looking for an easier, just as beautiful path, take the Scenic Loop.

Smoke Modern BBQ

We took a different path home, going from Aspen to Glenwood Springs.  We stopped in Glenwood Springs at Smoke for dinner.  The portions are outstanding, and food is good.  Being from Missouri and Arkansas, we enjoy our BBQ.  Smoke is worth it.

Andy had the pulled pork sandwich, which he ended up eating off the bun.  (Don’t confuse “pull” for “shredded”.  This is a large chunk sandwich.  It’s a meal.)  I had the brisket.  Delicious.  We have leftovers.

Photos and Videos from our 2020 trip.

We hiked Arches National Park in 2020. Beautiful.

Check out the highlights on YouTube: Arches National Park hike.

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