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July 2012


MBA, first semester completed…

Well, the first semester of my MBA program is complete. And without a doubt, I’m happy I made the choice. It was honestly quite enjoyable. (If you’re familiar with the Strengths Finder books, one of my talents is Learner, I happen to love to learn.)
I wasn’t sure if I would find the time or consider the money well spent. Being a district manager with a territory which spans more than 350 miles from west to east, my time is spent. And still wanting to add the pool to our new home, my money is spent. But the time and financial investments are well worth it. Going back to school is enjoyable and career enhancing.
My ultimate goal is stay on with my current employer, using my degree to broaden my perspective and understanding of the global economy and how we manage the people who bring the systems to life.
This week started a prerequisite course, MAT 300 – statistics. Considering I was once a math teacher, it’s a little more understandable that I find the class interesting and usefull…for now.

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