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November 2011


Sleepout 2011 Springfield MO

It was a great night, an amazing cause, and had a deeper meaning than I realized. The Kitchen Inc. and Rare Breed Youth Services presented Sleepout 2011 to raise awareness of homeless youth. Serving hot chocolate and coffee to participants and volunteers was only the beginning. The evening culminated with the Sleepout on the Missouri State University football field. With temperatures at a 40 degrees and winds blowing all night, the comfort of the football field wasn’t a concern. (Who knew a pound of ground Starbucks Coffee could double as a pillow? “Pillow” is generous, let’s say “head prop”.)

I truly appreciate the chance to give my time and raise funds. The Youth presented art and stories telling their tales of struggle and championing the efforts of the Rare Breed program. I met children with strong spirits beyond their years. I learned a thing or two about myself by listening to their laughter and seeing their eyes, again full of more life and wisdom than their years would suggest.

I was fortunate to share my fund raising with friends and peers. Together, through direct and company matched donations, we raised $815 for Rare Breed. As the top fundraiser, I’ll challenge others to match my total next year.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your night, Rare Breed. And thank you to everyone who donated.

Learn more about The Kichen. Visit their website by clicking here.

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