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June 2010


Windows 7 and all kinds of Beta stuff….

I have no real concept of how Windows 7 differs from Windows 6, or Windows 1 for that matter.  I’d imagine the lame in me believes it has to do with functionality, features; as the numbers get higher, the “wow” factor should increase exponentially.  The computer geek in me (not that I have a computer geek in me…) believes it’s also much deeper, rooted in mystery code and magical spells.

The result is me using this Windows Live Writer Beta to publish this post.  As I’m typing, it seems relatively simple.  I do notice items on the tool bars that I don’t know I had on the normal wordpress site (e.g. the ability to change font and highlighting!)

I wonder if there all kinds of blog editing software out there.  If I was just unaware how big this candy store really is…

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