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December 2009


Artificial Sweeteners possible correlation to type 2 diabetes

Ok.  So I don’t usually like New Year’s resolutions, but I do think it’s often wise to make life changes ceremoniously.  Make it a little more dramatic and I might actually keep to the change.  Now this isn’t necessarily true.  I’ve made some dramatic changes in my life, most didn’t stick.  Many of those wonderful life changes are nothing more than memories.   The time I quit eating fried foods (I had french fries 2 nights ago).  The time I was going to work out 3 times week, every week (I worked out 3 weeks ago, one time.)  The time I was going to learn to play the piano, my third attempt at sticking to it (I last played 4 months ago).  The time I was…. Well, you get the picture.

I don’t like changes.  I don’t usually remain consistent in my changes.

B ut I’ve long questioned the healthiness of diet sodas.  At one point we questioned if my seizures were related to the blue sweetener.  And I know I could quit drinking them, if I just decided to.  I never committed.

However, the recent connection of artificial sweeteners to whole host of medical problems makes me wonder if I’m trading one ill for another.

Read Dr. Ayala’s recent article from Yahoo.

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