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June 2009


Internet Pornography… Can’t we agree???

I was talking to someone who works for me today and I asked a very serious question. Why can’t we do a better job regulating internet pornography? EVERYONE I know, which is thousands of people, agrees we should have better defined and better inforced internet regulations. EVERYONE agrees it is much too simple for young people to gain access to pornography on the internet.

So if we all agree, why isn’t our government doing a better job of crafting legislation which will protect our young people?
Seriously, think about it. We don’t agree at all, as a country, when it comes to health care. We didn’t agree on a President. And we’re all divided over gay marriage. And inspite of our inability to agree: we’re going to see a new health care plan in the next 2 years, we elected a president, and gay men and women are forming families (which is their right.) We don’t agree on these things, but we’re moving forward.
And on a matter which we agree, we aren’t moving forward.
WHY!!!!! (No it’s not a question, it’s an exclamation.)
Is it too much trouble to write your senator? Your congressman? Your congresswoman? Seriously?
I am appalled at our lack of attention, as a people to this matter.
I believe those that chose, should have the right.
But I do not believe it should be so readily available.

(I’ll step down off of my soap box, but I will not let this go!)

One comment on “Internet Pornography… Can’t we agree???

  1. matthew miller says:

    Preach on, my brother!

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