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May 2009


Yahoo Mistake Raises Ethical Questions Over Gay Movie

Yahoo has somehow become the puppet of the conservative media who refuse to report properly on the new movie “Outrage“.  Regardless of your opinion on the movie and its controversial subject matter, the fact Yahoo opted to mislead the public is troubling.  While Yahoo hasn’t returned a request to comment, as of Sunday night 11:19 PM CST they have not fixed what will certainly be explained as a “technical glitch”.

Yahoo regularly reports on weekend box office numbers.   (Click the link and then click on #51 “Outrage”.  The movie you’re taken to isn’t the movie “Outrage”. )  If you’re interested, you can click the links and learn more about the movies listed on the chart.  One politically charged movie, getting critical attention is the new movie “Outrage”.  Because of its charged subject matter, Yahoo has replaced the link which allows interested parties who click the link to learn more, with a link leading to a similarly named movie.  Interestingly, the new similarly named movie hasn’t been released yet and doesnt’ seem to have a distributor.  It seems highly unlikely the movie made any money this past weekend at the box office.  Oddly enough, another move “Outrage”, did.    As reported correctly by Boxoffice Mojo, the movie earned $26,610 (more than Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire.)

Yahoo could have chosen to just stay out of it.  But instead, they mislead the public.  I wonder which political insider is responsible for this “technical difficulty.”  Is it the same guy who caused the mistake a couple of weeks ago?

I guess make mine a google.

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