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February 2009


The Stimulus Plan sucks…

I do not like the stimulus plan. I could bore you with prose and reasons but this is it in a nutshell… it sucks.

Why are we fuding the colleges and headstart in a stimulus plan? (Please do not give me some far fetched, reach for it explanation. Yes, it is worth funding. Vote on it seperately.)

Why are we giving even more help to the welfare, the food stamps, and other programs like these? Is the current funding not enough? Has the cost of bread increased so much we need to increase the level of fuding for citizens receiving food stamps? I think not.

It is a stimulus plan. It is not “let’s fund everything we can in America.”

It is not “We’re broke already. So… SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!!”

It’s not a limitless piggy bank.

Somebody’s gonna have to put it back.

And it’s gonna be me and other middle class Americans.

I stimulated the economy with my purchases over the past few months.

This whole situation is gross. We need to act swiftly, I agree. But we do not need to make a bad situation worse.

(If, however, we’re going ahead with this thing, I’d like to start homeschooling the children I don’t have. Could I get a million for that? C’mon. Just ONE million. Compared to this One TRILLION dollar plan, my simple One Million to homeschool the kid I don’t have is nothing. Could I at least start claiming the kids I don’t have on my taxes????)

Throw the middle class a bone!

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