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November 2008
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Ok so it isn’t just a news source, it’s also a blog (HRE)

Well, a very good friend of mine pointed out her website wasn’t just a news source, it was a blog.  It was a direct tongue in cheek hit on me.  I loved it.  And in response… I blog.

Life is going well right now.  Things with Starbucks couldn’t be better.  We’ve launched many wonderful initiatives and we’re focusing on doing what we can this holiday season to make the lives of people all over the world better.  Nothing different than what we normally do.  So work is awesome.  Everyday I meet new and exciting people and I connect with an awesome team of store managers who are a pleasure to know.  I get to spend time with my store team, which is by far the icing on the cake. 

Family life is great too.  My parents have settled in at Mountain Home, AR and from what I hear, by neice loves having her grandparents around.  I envy that.  I wish I’d have known my grandparents longer.  I’m happy for her and for my parents.  Life is good for Andy and I in Sikeston, MO.  I’m growing closer to my friend Natalie and life is going well.  I’m planning an incredible Thanksgiving feast for Natalie and I, as Andy will be having Thanksgiving with his parents.  I’m still settling into the day to day of living with someone and what that means, but it’s working; it’s a working progress.

And as far as me, life is great.  I’ve been relaxing and spending time looking reconnecting with many people who mean the world to me.  Through Facebook especially, I’ve had some great times these past few months.  And I’m so thankful for that this time of year.  I don’t know that I’ve ever really taken stock of what I’m thankful for.  Sure, I’ve recited it as we went around the Thanksgiving table, but I don’t know that it has ever truely resonated with me.  This year I feel it.

I feel it because I know it can all be gone.  And I’m Thankful it’s not.

No news here… Just blogging.

One comment on “Ok so it isn’t just a news source, it’s also a blog (HRE)

  1. carrollguest says:

    From a mothers point of view::::: I am very proud to hear that my son Jason has found happiness with in himself and the meaning of Thanksgiving. I only wish I could have been with him for the holiday. His father and I are very proud of him and his success in life. I loved the pictures of his birthday . And very happy to see how much his employees think of him. But most of all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To see Jason with someone as wonderful as Andy. They are ment to be!!!!!!!!

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