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October 2008
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Why the Republicans chose Sarah Palin…

If you’re wondering why the Republicans, why John McCain chose Sarah Palin, I’ll tell you. 

At one point weeks ago, the Republicans realized they’ve lost this election.  John McCain was not in a position to win the White House.  They also realized their party was a generation or two away from dieing.  New life was not being breathed into the party.  These whammies and the fact the congressional races didn’t look to be going their way either.  They needed something.

They needed something that would get them some attention.  They needed something that would energize the base.  They needed to act and act quickly.  They needed something or someone that would take the lights off Barack Obama.  That someone was Sarah Palin.

And their plan worked.

Almost immediately an acceptance speech at the DNC was yesterday’s news.  The new girl made sure of that.

For all her blunders and winks, she’s no different than Joe Bidden (who makes his own blunders and very possibly isn’t even capable of winking.)  She’s not all that bad.  She’s actually quite good.  Good at being what the Republicans needed her to be:  the energy to bring the Republicans back into conversation and back into the news.  She’s done this quite well.

It’s where the Republicans and Sarah Palin go from here that will prove their salt.  They’ve built as much raw energy as they can.  Now comes the refining process.  Take the energy and put it to use.

They chose Sarah Palin because they didn’t want to die.

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