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September 2008
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The U.S. Econonmy and the “Right” Choice in November

It’s a lot to absorb, quite a bit to take in.  The current financial state of our country is dire.  We’re contemplating the largest bailout in history.  We’re considering ways to save our economy by increasing the deficit limit.  We hear about the ideas being tossed around, everyone has their own solution.  We cannot seem to reach a consensus.  Inevitably it will be a few that will make this critical decision for the many. 


Such is the way of life.


Many Americans don’t even begin to understand the problem, much less how to solve it.  They cannot put into words what caused this situation but Americans know the symptoms.  We’ve felt the foreclosures, we’ve seen the stacks of bills which cannot be paid, and we’re hoping the lay-off is temporary.  No, we don’t know exactly what caused this, everyone has their own donkey to pin, but we do know our families, our homes and our way of life are at risk.


And it all comes at such a critical time.  We’re weeks away from choosing the next President of the United States.  For me, it’s not about the two men running for the highest office in our government; for me, it’s the platforms on which they stand.  It’s the judges they’ll appoint to the Supreme Court.  I’m more concerned with whom these men will surround themselves.  For me, it’s about the future. 


It’s about our way of life.


What an incredible opportunity for us as Americans.  We can come out of this stronger, wiser and hopefully, more fiscally sound.  In the greatest struggles are the most savored victories.  In this time of uncertainty, we have the chance to build a solid foundation.  It’s not always going to be exactly as we think it should be.  The “right” person might not win the election.  But the “right” people can. 


The “right” people are me and you, the citizens of this country.  The man you support might not get the most votes, but hopefully the conviction and the determination to solve these problems in our country, our economy will. 

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