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September 2008
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Hello Cape Girardeau Starbucks and family!

Ok… I’ve been out of the store for a few hours and I miss you guys already.  (Ok, so I don’t miss you yet.  But I will…)  All I did so far was have dinner at Pizza Inn (even though it was one of the three places I said I did not want to go for dinner.)  Then we ran got our hair cut and picked up a few things at Walmart.  We’re going to pack and then get the car packed.  (We’re leaving at 5 AM).

The bad news is hurricane Ike seems at this point to be headed into the Gulf of Mexico and since we going to Gulf Shores.  You can click here and see where the hurricane is currently projected to make landfall.

Andy said he thinks we might have to evacuate on Wednesday or so.  If we have to evacuate, we’ll just pick somewhere else to spend the last few days of vacation.  Ugh.

That’s about it.  You guys have fun… and check back when you get time.  I’ll make updates and add pictures as we do stuff.  And leave a comment or two!

Oh yeah… Megan will know what I’m talking about, but there was a blue mug that said “Starbucks” on it.  I forgot to get the sku off the bottom before I washed it.  I wanted to order a few more.  Megan said she had one at home… I doubt we’ll find any, but if you do see one, or get the sku please ask Megan to try and order 3 more of them for me.  No worries.  I’ll also be checking the Starbucks along the way.

You guys have fun and talk to you soon!!

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