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July 2008


Bahar Pruitt Emerges From Hiatis With Mega #1 Talk Show

In an alternate reality….

After years of hiatis, rest, and relaxation, former comedy and reality icon Bahar has returned!  Her new talk show, “Live with Bahar and Jason” was launched on syndication to the rave reviews of critics and the pleasure of fans!  Rocketing to #1 (beating out Oprah’s latest hit “The L Girls with Gayle”) was a truely sweet considering it happened on her birthday!!!! July 26!

Many of you know Bahar from her tiny start in the off broadway play, (aka Heber Springs Community Theatre) Hairspray.  Playing the lead was a no brainer and a natural fit for the comedy siren.  You also saw her on the road with Kathy Griffin, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Martha Stewart, Justin Timberlake, Timerbland, Hillary Clinton, and Simon Cowl.  Then.. she dissapeared.  She retreated.  She found solice in the quiet corners of home with her family and animals.

However, obscurity wasn’t capable of holding this mega star down!  She’s back and hotter than ever!

Catch Bahar and Jason on a small screen near you!  (And you’re gonna LOVE the producer.. she’s no Gellman, she’s Natalie Pruitt!)

One comment on “Bahar Pruitt Emerges From Hiatis With Mega #1 Talk Show

  1. josh says:

    great to hear she is comming back and that you 2 are doing well with the show and why didn’t let us know earlier about her birthday

    the producer, which i have seen some of her work, is a wonderful lady also

    give her and your side kick a big welcome back from us

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