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July 2008
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Another trip down memory lane….

I had a lot of time tonight to sit and relax and think about nothing.  And when you set out to think about nothing in particular, you can find yourself pondering some of the most wonderful memories.  It sounds strange to some, but I actually like to sit in silence and just wonder… well waunder.  I like to let my mind just drift to whatever and whereever it might.  Tonight it went back to Love Hall, Bryan Hall, and Spraggins on the campus of Lyon College in Batesville, AR, 1992.

I thought about standing out the building on the quad and talking to Heather for almost 2 hours one night about what we would do if we were studying in the library and it began to fill up with water.  How would we get out?  What would we do?  And is learning college algebra that important?  Important enough to risk your life for?  I laughed out loud.

I thought about Lance and the stories of Wonder Woman and laughing out loud at the antics of Dynasty or Dallas.  We asked “What’s the deal, Jill?”  When the maid Mamie on Young and Restless confronted Jill Abbott.  Lance hoped out of bed one night at 3 AM thinking his alarm had gone off.  He showered and was ready for class before I asked what the heck he was doing.  Instead of “Goodnight, John Boy” it was “Insane in the Membrane… Insane in the brain”

I thought about Lori.  And I’m glad we’re back in touch.  I laughed out loud at how it didn’t seem right to see her mad.  It was funny in fact.

I sat back and laughed.  I even have pictures I’ll share if you want them.  I’d love to see yours.  So to those of you I know are reading this…

Thinking of you….


Update:  I changed this post some.  Due to an error in judgement, I upset a friend and I am sorry for that.  It was a personal error in my judgement and not something meant to attack or offend at all.  For my lack of understanding, I’m sorry.

2 comments on “Another trip down memory lane….

  1. Danyelle says:

    I know I have some photos somewhere – I will look around for some of them and scan them and forward some to you this week. If I’m remembering them correctly, they’re fun photos.

  2. jami says:

    she is not laughing…at all.

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