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June 2008
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Songs, Memory, Life, Nostalgic Saturday Mornings

How fun is it to sit and listen to old songs, songs that meant something great to you.  Being the Microsoft/Zune committed individual I am, I subscribe for $9.99/month to Zune’s service which allows me to download umlimited numbers of songs for my pleasure (I just can’t burn them to cd; I have to listen to them on my computer, my zune, or home entertainment center… that’s fine for me…)

So I’ve spent the morning just clicking on old songs, mostly from my college time, and listening and loving.  I was reminded of so many times.  I laughed out loud at a few songs, making me think of crazy times in life (like riding to Tunica with Bahar, in the back of a blue Ford Probe, back seats down so we could stretch out, and singing so many songs for my parents… I get the biggest smile when I think of it.)

I actually got lost in a few songs as well; some make me think and a couple made me cry.  Emotions so raw.  They say you can be hypnotized and remember all kinds of memories you’d locked away, long forgotten.  I think a song does the same thing.  There’s actually a song about it, “The Song Remembers When”… It’s so true.  Wynonna’s “Is It Over Yet” took me back to a past “love” and how my young heart thought I’d never mend.  (I smile at that young man I was, thinking the world might end, and I might never move beyond that heartache. I hope that young man is pleased to see the “man in his 30’s” I’ve become and how I discovered through experience that, despite my pain, the sun would set and rise again.  I would live on. And I would learn what true love is.)

I listened to songs that Lance and Heather and I would listen to in college and I did shed a happy tear or two.  I’ve blogged and talked a few times about how I miss those two and those times.  They’ve both moved on with their lives and we don’t have contact, but those songs help me to spend a little time with them now.  I will always have a place in my heart and in my memories that will belong to no one else.  They were the other two parts of me.  I keep up with their lives through friends and accomplishments, I am happy to see they continue to be amazing adults.

I heard songs that took me to Jamie and Libby and the crazy times of cruising around Highland and Salem.  I laughed out loud at the FIGHTS Libby and I could get in and when we WOULD NEVER SPEAK AGAIN, we would relish the silence as we drove home, vowing to never again be friends, then somewhere on Highway 62 “Sneaky Snake” would come on and we would lose ourselves in laughter and find the friendship again.  I hate/love that we aren’t those kids anymore.  I wouldn’t take away the lives we have now for anything, but to be back there for a night.  To say those crazy/carefree words again, to just laugh together, to make plans for tomorrow like it might never come… I love those girls.  I love that they loved me.

Songs can be so powerful.  Memories are incredible.  Don’t lose them.  Don’t let yourself forget.  Listen to a song, read your journal, look at pictures… Do whatever you do to go back.  Those parts of your life might be gone, but they are not forgotten.  And the incredibly powerful role they played in making you the person you are today and the person you will be tomorrow can never be overstated and can never be taken from you.  In a time when so many people are losing so many things in this world, you have the most meaningful and powerful possessions anyone can have, which cannot be taken away.

I love the songs and I love every one of you connected to those songs and connected to my life.

What an incredible day to spend with my old friends…

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