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June 2008


Whitney Houston and Leona Lewis Duet… New Whitney 2008

Well I didn’t post anything about Whitney Houston on the renovated site because I felt it drew “false traffic”.  But after thinking about it, it’s not false at all… it’s my fan base.  ergh.. My reader base.

Well you can rest easy knowing the careers of legendary icon Whitney Houston and today’s Pop Diva Leona Lewis are in great hands… the hands of Clive Davis.  And he’s decided the two will duet on Whitney’s November 2008 release.  While Lewis has drawn considerable comparisons to Houston and Mariah Carey, it is apparent the winner of 2006 British talent show “The X-Factor”, is a huge talent in her own right.  She’s blown away the British and US charts with her “Bleeding Love” (to the sometimes overplay status that is today’s pop radio.)

Apparently Lewis has stress-related chronic throat problems which might be compounded with the additional excitement of working with her idol, Whitney Houston.  Doctors have even suggested surgery is the only way to solve the problem.

This will either be a smash (a la Britney and Monica, Madonna and Justin Timberlake) or it will be quietly forgotten, no matter how strong it’s merit (a la the Oscar winning “When You Believe” with Whitney and Mariah, or that Shakira Beyonce song… help us.)

Let’s hope the song is worthy of the talent.

Also is you’re a Whitney fan, check out an incredible site…


15 comments on “Whitney Houston and Leona Lewis Duet… New Whitney 2008

  1. samu says:

    you are the best person in the world.

  2. Jason says:

    what a way to get back in the lime light, start back with the two of the worlds best R & B singers……she cant go wrong.

  3. cecelia dreyer says:

    Dear Whitney never give up i am a great fan of yours and you are the best person in the world your voice, your beauty. You can do it i know you can whitney. we love you and we want our whitney back. Please come back and you doing well just pray to God for strength and guidance. You can do it i know you can love you lots. Cecelia I have a son Nathaniel and i would like to tell him about you, you go and show the people you can. God has already forgiven you so he who is better than you let them cast the first stone. You the best…..

  4. yehdih says:

    helo ilov you may nam yehdih mauritanie aylov you jetem koulmi

  5. camila says:

    amo whiteney..adoro ela…
    seja ela nova ou velha ..
    amo ela assim mesmo.
    o guarda-costas

  6. Vessie Rich says:

    Your voice, your gift, is directly from GOD.
    I love you, have always love you and prayed for you.
    Whitney, Please continue to rise and shine, GOD is
    your victory:
    Much love to YOU and your love one…

  7. Noleen Jansen says:

    dear Whitney, i am a proud South African and i spoke for many when i say that we have MISSED you beautiful singing. we are a real inspiration to many who have been down that roads of addiction. it is great to know that you are back were you belong, singing and enjoying what you do best
    god bless you

  8. lacey says:

    hi..i just want you to no i’m counting on you and lacey perro

  9. edson de souza santos says:

    Gostaria que vc me envie uma foto sua limda e maravilhosa como vc estar hoje

  10. maggie says:

    am Ugandan ,real in love with music prayed by u.thanks 4 making a come back.maggie

  11. Chris says:

    I am from Congo Brazzaville, central africa.
    My name is not Suzanne, is the best song I could hear. With an angel voice such as yours the world of music gonna be higher and higher for ever.
    love you too

  12. Berenice Peters says:

    Hi Whitney, you rock girl………we all love you lots…… Peters Family Johannesburg.

  13. Berenice Peters says:

    Awaiting your next visit to South Africa.Love to Christina.

  14. Astrid says:

    hello, i’m Astrid from Indonesia. you’re best s d best. good luck foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. dido gabriel says:

    i am your no.1 fan here in philippines.. you are a legend idol whitney!!!!!,, no matter what happen you wiil always be. you have a high voice but plesant.. dont give up… i love you idol!!!! God will surely help you……

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