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June 2008
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Hillary Clinton Ensures November Victory… But which party?

Hillary Clinton

This woman can unite the Democratic Party and ensure a victory in November.  The real question is, which party will she help win the race?  Most hope it’s the Democrats.  Others feel strongly it will be the Republicans.  Many of Clinton’s supporters are swing voters, if they don’t feel satisfied with the role she will now assume in this race, they could swing vote to McCain.  Many of Clinton’s supporters weren’t necessarily supporters of the Democratic Party.  Many feel the party and its chair, Howard Dean, didn’t properly respond to voter concerns.

Will Barrack Obama ask Clinton to assume the #2 spot on the ticket?  Does she even want it?  Do they have a choice?  Clinton is quoted as saying she will do whatever she needs to do to ensure a victory for the Democrats in November.  It’s quite possible the voters will give them no choice.  Either we see a “dream ticket” Obama/Clinton or we vote McCain.

One comment on “Hillary Clinton Ensures November Victory… But which party?

  1. Quanah says:

    It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. After Barack put out the “call to arms” to relieve Hillary of her debt, I can slowly see the party getting stronger by the day. I can’t imagine another Republican in the office, especially one that seemingly will uphold Bush’s plans. ICK! BTW, hey gnome!

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