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May 2008
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Finding old friends

Well, it happens a lot.  You’re online and you type your own name into a search engine wondering what you’ll find.  That being said, there are some people that for one reason or another I’ve lost contact with.  I miss them.  And I would like to say hello. 

I posted back in December wishing everyone a great Christmas and mentioned a few names.  One of them, Jami Baber, responded back.  It was so nice.  I hope I can get more people to drop me a line.

Please say hello….

Have you seen?….

Lance Mullins (or his recent mug in a national periodical???)(He looks like he hasn’t aged a bit.)

Heather Ericson (or seen her book on a shelf at Barnes and Nobles)(I read it.)(Heather, I see Lydia from time to time… She wants contact with you!)

Jami Baber (remember her dog? or climbing on the roof of her house to get back in after we locked the door behind us.  Going in through the atrium in the center of the house?)

Lori Carpenter Davis (I talk to people from her home town all the time.  Her family is famous there.)

Monica Alexander (I should find out from Ginger where those two are.)

Carrie Beth Daughday (She was a number…)

Arthur Rogers (Is he walking aimlessly around? Just leaving the room without an explanation?)

Claire Sale (I’m in St. Charles quite a bit.  But I don’t see her.)

If you are one of these people, I just want to say “hello”… College was so long ago it seems and those memories are incredibly precious.  I think of each of you at least once a week if not more.  And I can never say “I’m sorry” enough if my actions our senior year hurt any of you.  I can tell you I never stopped considering you the closest of friends and still pray that you’re happy and well.  I would love nothing more than to hear from you. 

Hoping and waiting….



3 comments on “Finding old friends

  1. Danyelle McNeill Fletcher says:

    I don’t know if you remember me, but I attended Lyon College my freshman year and then transferred to University of Arkansas. I was doing a search for Jami Baber and your site popped up.

    I actually talked to Lori Carpenter Davidson this time last year. Strangely, when my husband and I moved back to Little Rock from Nashville, we ended up buying a house a few doors down from where she lived. She has since moved, but I know that some of our neighbors have kept up with her. We’re actually having a neighborhood get-together this weekend and I can ask about her for you. Would you mind telling Jami I said hello? I’d love to hear from her (and anyone else from Lyon). Hope you’re doing well!

  2. DANYELLE!!!! Fantastic! I would love to talk to you! It has been forever! If you get this, please email me! I am sure you are thinking, “enough with the exclamation marks.” But, I am excited!

    Thanks for posting this Jason!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Arthur Rogers teaches at Ad Fontes Academy in Centreville, Va.

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