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May 2008


ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters” an amazing hit!

Well, I finally found the time to watch Sunday’s episode of ABC’s hit show “Brothers & Sisters“.  It was incredible.  I was worried when they started introducing the storyline that would undue the show as we know it: Rebecca isn’t a Walker.  I was more than concerned; I was on the verge of never watching the show again.

I can say the storeyline and the writing and the acting are so superior to other shows.  Without a doubt, I will continue to be an avid watcher.  It is my favorite show on television.

A quick synopsis (without giving away anything really)… the gay brother gets married, the political wife decides to adopt, the obessive sister decides she accepts Rebecca (who’s the baby in the photo???) and the youngest brother decides the once Walker sister is in fact a hottie.

The show’s writing is incredible.  The way they handle so many hot button issues is incredible.

 Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths are amazing.

Ryan…. What’s he gonna be about???

One of the best moments was when Nora was talking to Rebecca and tells her that being a family isn’t about DNA. 

I love this show.

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