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April 2008


Filmmaker Quanah Video Thank You

Ok… So the title isn’t catchy nor does it read like I wanted it to, “Watch my cousin Quanah and realize he has talent!”  Yeah, I wanted it to say that, but few people would click on that title.  “Filmmake Quanah” however sounds more professional and will generate more hits in the years to come as his work becomes more famous.  I’m posting it here on my site for a few different reasons, one of the most important is for my mother, his aunt.  She’s never had the opportunity to meet her nephew or even get to know him, I know she’ll be very happy to see this video and hear his words.

Another reason is that I really like his work and his ability.  Maybe because we are kin, I don’t know, but I do feel a strange kinship with him.  The more I watch his videos the more I know this is a man who needs to get back to his craft, to share it with others.

Watch and enjoy.  And if you have feedback, comments, glowing reviews… leave a comment.  I’d love to pass them on!  Enjoy!

And as always… Happy Eats!


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