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April 2008


The election that overstayed its welcome

The Presidential Election happens every four years…but it isn’t supposed to last four years. 

Does it seem like the election is the uncle or aunt that showed up for a fall visit and is still with you two holidays and four months later?  At this point, would you simply vote for whomever, just to get them back in their van and on their way back home?  Wouldn’t you like it if Obama, Clinton, and McCain would pack their bags, toothbrushes, and medications and give the news media back their airwaves?  Wouldn’t I like to see the focus shift, or at least give equal coverage, to topics we need to be talking about?

And these candidates remind me of the cell phone company commercials where the customer is followed by about a thousand people who represent the new network; these candidates parade across our country (or at least across whatever state is the “must win” of the day) in cell phone commercial fashion.  And they,  in classic cell phone commercial fashion, continue to ask “Can you hear me now?”  Yes, we hear you; we have almost no choice.  You’re on the television, you’re in our newspapers, and your supporters somehow got our phone numbers.  (Probably from that same group of people who represent your new network.)

Much like the transcontinental roadtrip our parents called a “family vacation,” I’m tired and I want to stop.  I don’t want another blurb about somebody who knew someone who is related to the chance that this candidate or that candidate might have ulterior motives.  Look the Presidents of the past 200 years, they all had ulterior motives.  I cannot bring myself to look at one more road side attraction, like the life size toad in Phoenix, AZ, where you can stop and take a photo with the world’s biggest toad.  The car is hot, the seats are sticky and I don’t want to listen to another song on the radio.  This trip was a bad idea.  Somehow we took a wonderful plan, a chance to spend some time together, a chance to have a conversation and we made it something our parents can only convince us to do once every four years.

In classic family road trip, “are we there yet?????”

One comment on “The election that overstayed its welcome

  1. loomisnews says:

    Hillary’s on track to win nomination in 2012.

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