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April 2008


RyanDan my newest favorite Canadians



750_ryandan ryandan 2

I stumbled across a new favorite in music today, the Canadian musical duo RyanDan.  Their music is an exciting mix of pop and classical.  Comprised of identical twins Ryan Kowarsky and Dan Kowarsky, the duo are established in Canada and are now making their case in the United States.

Their strength is their vocals.  The brothers’ voices melt into a unison of dedicated harmony.  Most tracks are slower, classical themes.  If you are being introduced to them for the first time, start with “The Face”.  This song will give you a smooth introduction to their music and their style. “High” is an upbeat that is sure to be a club hit.  “Tears of an Angel” was inspired by the loss of their 4 year old niece to a brain tumor during the making of this disc.  

Think Josh Groban or a much improved version of IL Divo.

Check out more on RyanDan here:

4 comments on “RyanDan my newest favorite Canadians

  1. anne says:

    I know what you’re talking about. I found out about them not too long ago and they are absolutely amazing. I went to a concert of theirs and they sound just brilliant live, and they are very personable. For extra information, they were part of the band b4-4 (before four) back when Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC were popular. Luckily they changed their hair!!! I definitely agree though, they are extremely talented musicians and deserve as much publicity as they can get!!!

  2. Jude Skelly says:

    Absolutely love these guys- about time we embraced beautiful voices and lovely songs, MORE, MORE!!

  3. Joseph says:

    Excellent duo!….Voices are beautiful together…love this group…

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