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April 2008


Obama and Fitch – Barack’s Abercrombie Boys

Well it seems the internet and the entertainment/real news people are all talking about the same thing those of who watched the Pennsylvania primary coverage Tuesday night: Barack Obama is all about some product placement.  And it served its purpose well.

The Obama camp needed something to take the attention from the Rev. Wright speeches and the fact he can spend 3 to 1 in a state and still not come any closer than a 10 point loss.  (Yeah, his sponsors, the chisled abs of america retail industry would probably tell him his money would’ve been better spent on the jeans sale their having this weekend.)  The attention has been diverted.  With light hearted fare we see Mr. Obama giving another “join hands and we’ll sing our way to prosperity” speech as the boys of all that is hotness cheer, jeer and make their precense known. 

Shame on you Hillary Clinton with your corporate ties and big business agenda. Take a page out of the “I’m young, inexperienced and don’t know any better” Obama playbook:  Hold tightly to the young who are supporting you, hold tightly to their chisled abs and hard bodies, hold tightly to what you do have left, what you can call your own: young, worked out America. 

(You, Hillary Clinton, hold tightly to what you know and what you call your own: hard working America.)

I wonder if Hannah Montana has an opening in her schedule.  Hannah Montana for Hillary Clinton!

CNN has a video you can watch here.

2 comments on “Obama and Fitch – Barack’s Abercrombie Boys

  1. Rigg says:

    A lot of things that Obama types want to do to
    this country will end up hurting living things….

    Like Humans!

    Obama is the latest version of the “Revolution”
    If he is elected Humans and other Living things will be damaged.

    I say let every American see where the Democrats are heading.

    Then let them Concentrate hard and tunnel vision into this thought:

    “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

  2. Ledgewood says:

    True, Rigg. I just stumbled on this blog, but I figured I’d comment. I fear for the future if we keep allowing this crap to happen. However, I’m hopeful that if we have a Socialist in office, it’ll help people see why it sucks.

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