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April 2008


Elvis shook up with Mariah

Mario Tarradell recently wrote a piece for The Seattle Times basically standing up for Elvis (who in case you didn’t know has left the building) explaining all the hoopla surrounding Mariah Carey’s recent record breaking accomplishment is just that — pop hoopla.  His article makes some valid points…. And I make some counter points….

  1. “Elvis is dead.”  (Ok, first off, The Seattle Times is very lucky to have this Nancy Drew on their staff.  His up-to-the-minute reporting I’m sure sent shockwaves throughout the nation.  Everyone knows at least one person who claims Elvis is still alive; you can now call those people and let them know The Seattle Times has scooped everyone… Elvis is dead.  While you’re at it, let them know the crop circles in Bobby Joe’s field were made by the Miller twins while they were drunk last Wednesday night.)  Ok, true dat:  Elvis is dead.  So he cannot make any more hits and therefore he cannot continue this battle with Carey.   Counter point:  Elvis was dead long before Carey started her career, this isn’t a new development.  Also, Carey will be long dead when others are challenging her records.  It’s a fact of life, you become the record holder, you die and if you’re record wasn’t strong enough, someone breaks it.  Sometimes they do it while you’re still alive and it stings all the more.  We don’t however consider that when someone dies their records are theirs to keep and others have to make their own.  In case you haven’t learned much: you don’t get to take it with you.  Spend it while you can.  
  2. Digital downloads make it easier to obtain number one singles.  Ok… you know what?  blah blah blah.  Critics and protectors of records alike will complain for centuries about all the new media and fancy sorcery and math the little man behind the curtain uses to decide a number one song.  Aside from getting  back in your hot air balloon and flying home, we can’t do nothing about it!
  3. This is about popular music people.  Yeah. It is.  And she’s so popular, she broke a record. 

Move along people, there’s nothing else here to see.

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